History of Ambala

Located in district Ambala in the Indian state of Haryana, Ambala is a serene destination that is growing up to be an urban centre for development with the right touch of the tradition and culture. It is also on the border of Punjab, the neighbouring state and has two different sub areas, known as the Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City. Both the areas are just 3 kilometres away from one another, and to the world, the duo is called twin cities.

The Ambala cantonment area, as the name already suggests, has a huge presence of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force, who work tirelessly in the region and have their training programs here. Ambala is also known to separate Ganges river network from the network of the River Indus and has two rivers surrounding it, namely Ghaggar and Tangri. Much thanks to placement in the Haryana state and along the border of Punjab, Ambala enjoys to play a very dominant role in the tourism of the region for both states.

A look in the history of Ambala

Historical sources reveal that the past of Ambala dates back to 14th century, when the Ambala District was founded and established by Amba Rajput. Other reports say the city and district got its name after goddess "Bhawani Amba", who has a temple in the city and is praised by devotees with an ardent love. The recent history of the city is even more varied and better documented.

Back in 1841-42, the British were forced to leave the cantonment in Karnal after a malaria epidemic, which led to the establishment of Ambala Cantt in 1843. In the year 1847, the region was given the status of a district, which was then formed by merging the Jagir of hitherto independent chieftains, most of which included territories that were confiscated then by the British or had lapsed. Over the years, the overall geography of Ambala has seen many changes. Pinjore, Mani Majra, Kasauli were places that were merged with the districts at one point while the district also had the territories and tehsils of Jagadhri, Pipli, Mohali, Ambala, Saphera, Ropar and Nalagarh.

The Indian Air Force base at Ambala

Looking at the history, the Ambala Air Force Base is easily among the oldest airbases in India, which was taken over by the Indian Air Force from the British. In the 1947- 48 Kashmir Operations, this airbase served as a major point for the Spitfires and Harvards that were used and flown by the instructors from the coveted Advanced Flying Training School. Over the years, the trend has continued, and Ambala continues to be among the frontline airbases in the country. Many of the aircrafts that were introduced by IAF was from this base.

Back in the year 1965, the airbase was attacked by Pakistan Air Force's B-57 bombers. Ambala is known for its Central Jail, where Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, was hanged, along with Narayan Apte, who was also a conspirator in the case. The place also finds its mention in Rudyard Kipling's novel Kim.

The population of Ambala

As for the census of 2011, Ambala has a population of 4 lakhs, which includes a great sex ratio. With a literacy rate of 82.9%, the city also shows its other side.

Transportation in the city

Ambala, like most parts of Haryana and Punjab, boast of great network of communication. Bus services are great in most parts of the district, and bus depot here dates back to 1950. A sub depot of Ambala is located in Naraingarh. A New Bus Stand was opened in 1999 in Ambala Cantt, and there are bus stands at Ambala City, Naraingarh and Barara. For the guests and tourists, there is also the availability of "Yatri Niwas" at Ambala Cantt. Luxury, Volvo and video coach buses are available for the connecting states.
Ambala also is a part of the divisional headquarters of Indian Railway's Northern Railway Zone. It serves as an important railway junction and connects with other parts of northern India. There are three major stations here, and each one is popular. Ambala Cantt and Ambala City are two main stations used by the tourists while Dhulkot is more popular among the locals for travelling.
Despite not having big airbase, there is no civilian airport in the city, and the best way to get in by air is to reach Chandigarh. Chandigarh is well-connected to the city and can be reached by a car.
For those who want to drive to the city, the NH 1 Delhi – Amritsar connects Ambala easily along the way. Ambala is close to 200 kms away from Delhi, and there are regular buses and trains available while rental cars are also easily hired.

The city of scientific instruments

Ambala is known to other parts of India and globe as the city of scientific instruments, where there are many industries that produce products related to this field. Starting from laboratory equipment to glass apparatus, microscopes, Ambala holds the record of producing 34% of the scientific instruments made in the country, according to varied sources.

What to do here for a vacation?

Ambala has a charm of its own, which is more like a cross between tradition and development. On a typical trip here, most people are likely to head to the Clothes Market, where there are close to 1000 shops that offer wholesale clothing. The place is frequented by tourists, local businessmen and others alike, and the market has some of the best handloom work clothing, sarees, Indian ethnic wear and lots more. The market remains closed for all Thursdays of the year, apart from the national holidays and Dusshera. Buyers from Himachal Pradesh and Punjab come to the market for business, but for those visiting here, the market is a nice place to find some genuine clothing items, although most of the things are sold by volume. Reports have it that the market is among the largest cloth trading markets of the continent.

The amazing food scene

Ambala is also a food hub for foodies who like Indian food. The Punjabi food scene in the city is great, and there are all kinds of eateries, starting from the basic ones to high end chaat shops at the mall. The local Dhabas serve delicious items that are popular among the locals, and most of the food choices, except for fine dine options, are easy on the pocket.

Staying in the city

There are many hotels that range from budget to mid-splurge in the city, depending on the budget. The city is among the most tourist friendly cities of the country, and every hotel is good to go, much on the services that are sought.

Business in the city amidst the culture

Ambala is easily among the most business oriented cities of Haryana, and the people here are involved in clothing, local businesses and more. The tradition of the city remains in form, despite all the development and urbanization, and that's what sets Ambala apart. The people here are warm and always ready to help everyone who is new and looking to discover more. Apart from the clothes market, there are many other local businesses, and through this website, we aim to give them the right platform for advertising on the web.

A host of celebs and politicians

Ambala is home to some of the best names in politics. From BJP leader and union Minister Sushma Swaraj to poet Saghar Siddiqui, they have their roots right here. Current Bollywood sensation Parineeti Chopra, yesteryear actress Juhi Chawla and TV sensation Karan Singh Grover are also from this city. Many of the film stars and other people come here for promotions, campaigns and more, often reaching the masses in a friendly manner.

Education and more

Medical, management and engineering colleges are aplenty in the city, and there are all kinds of school that offer high class education. The city is home to some of best schools of Haryana and Punjab with all facilities and upscale modern education. Also, the vocational institutes of Ambala are equally known and have students from neighbouring states and many other parts of the country. Students here get the chance to study a large number of different and varied education subjects and can find many streams that are worth their interest. The vocational courses here are great in terms of choice and options.

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Ambala places itself among the most promising cities and locations of northern India, and the beauty and charm of the people and locales remain matchless. Also, the presence of Indian army and air force betters the security and safety of the city, and there are ample job opportunities, both in the public and private sectors. We have listed a special page, where you can check for the current openings in the city and overall Ambala district with other information and details that you would be interested in.
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