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With our small but earnest efforts through this website, we aim to connect one and all with Ambala, best known as the science city to the world.

No matter whether you live here or have a connection that joins you with Ambala, this website will be great resource to one and all. From knowing about scientific instruments production giants and Pharmaceutical production units to understanding the local jobs and business points, we help you finding it all. We have started this website only for those who believe in more than just the charm of their city and wish to discover more about it.

As a part of our endeavours, we have also started advertising businesses and joints that you would want to know about, and there is a complete section for entertaining. You can search the best events and movies for the week, find the cultural programs and find related information on the website. Apart from people who live in Ambala, the information and resources on this website will also help others who are planning a vacation here or wish to do business. We aim to make the local news and events more global in nature, so that finding a connection and knowing about the destination doesn't seem a tough thing.

Among the other things, we are offering exclusive advertising options for the local businesses and companies here, so that they can reach a bigger customer base. The aim is to make sure that every business gets the right kind of exposure, which will help the people of Ambala in reaching. To make our website reach many businesses at a time, we are doing all the essentials and offering limited free advertising choices. We do intend to have some sort of filtering for ensuring genuine companies offering authentic products and services are listed with us.

We have also included an exclusive job corner, where the youth and capable can find the right openings and internships in the city. Our job section is extremely regular, and we try our best to make sure that all openings are listed on time.

Of course, none of this would have been a success without the big team that makes this website. Each of our team members has experience of his work, but what makes them special is their love for this city. We have to admit that we had some real tough times before we started off, but thanks to the complete team and the people of Ambala, who have supported us immensely. We only look ahead to offer some more additional things on this website and would want to hear from you.

If you want to know more on Ambala Info.com or have a suggestion to make, do write to us at our email or call us for information. We always want to better our services and try the best to offer the latest information. Our team wants everyone to avail Ambala details from this one portal, which has been designed for the people of this city with great passion.